Motion Icons


What do I get when I purchase Motion Icons?

You get the entire Motion Icons library (212 icons) in .svg format.

Lifetime updates to Motion Icons including new icons, performance improvements and bug fixes.

Customer support for bugs and suggestions for new Motion Icons. General web development support is not provided.

How do I use Motion Icons?

After purchasing and downloading Motion Icons, copy and paste the folder into your project assets folder. Now you can call them using the img or object tag. As an example, adding <img src="img/line-clock1.svg"/> to your HTML file will include the icon.

How do I customise Motion Icons?

If you want to change the visual design of Motion Icons, open it in your vector editing tool of choice (Sketch, Figma, Illustrator, etc). If you want to change the animation of Motion Icons, open it in your code editor of choice and change the CSS values to whatever you like or even add your own custom CSS classes.

Which browsers can I use Motion Icons with?

Motion Icons works in all modern web browsers. This includes Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported. In Internet Explorer, the icon will display its first frame and will not animate.

How can I request a new icon be added to Motion Icons?

Send me a tweet. There are no guarantees it will be added but I am always on the lookout and will be constantly updating Motion Icons so there's a good chance it goes in.

Will the price of Motions Icons increase?

As additional icons are added to Motion Icons, the value of Motions Icons will increase and so might the price. When you purchase Motion Icons, you are guaranteed lifetime updates so the sooner you buy the better!